Excellent ability to explain and demonstrate information, Great techniques that can be applied immediately

Very informative course for orthopedic settings. The things i liked about this course was the content and more hands on education. I would take another course from Advance Rehab due to great instructors and very patient during Labs

Speakers were great! Easy to approach and ask questions. Labs provided time to really understand why you do the different mobs. Great Job!


I have attended many courses, but the information i get at advanced rehab seminars is something i can apply the very next day. I have attended their differential diagnosis and sports medicine talks

Excellent course- very comprehensive information presented. I will make sure to attend your other courses as well.

I have worked with the athlete population before. this course was truly eye opening.


Thank you for a fantastic course and subsequent upgrade in my hands on practice since returning. What a great course. i wish I could take it again to absorb more. It has changed how I mentally process what I hear from the patients. I have always listened and documented carefully what they say thinking that it may come in to play later. now I can use most of it immediately (when paired with the testing) to fine tune treatment. Best wishes to both of you, I hope to see more courses offered by you.
– L. Hoffman

The objectives were met beyond the evaluation
The speakers’ ability to clarify concepts and answer questions on assessment were superb!
Excellent course ( Assessment , differential diagnosis and management) – lot of information. Please consider providing it as a 3-day course with 16-18 contact hours. Great stuff
Based on the presentation and the speakers’ way of presenting, it was clear that both Ashim and Saba are extremely knowledgeable.
This information opened my eyes and mind to new concepts!


I attended this course because a friend highly recommended it. It was so worth the trip , traveled 2 hours from Orange county NY.
Wow great info and very thorough
Both presenters are very impressive and ridiculously skilled
Treatment algorithm nicely organized
Lab time was great. Would love to take more courses from both of the instructors.


Saba & Ashim,
It was a pleasure meeting you and absolutely love the course especially the practical training. I hope we can host your course again. Sincerely, M. Recker
Saba & Ashim,
I thoroughly enjoyed your course!. I learned so much and am excited to really dig in, look more proximally with greater confidence. Thank you so much. S. Hannemann.
Saba & Ashim,
What an excellent and informative course. I have many new things to add to my “tool belt” to help my patients. S. Cook, OTR, CHT
P.S. my new intern who was at the course and I saw a pt that was 3.5 mos post op wrist arthrodesis and pt reported she has had constant dorsal radial wrist pain since the surgery. History didn’t fit, we checked for RSN and did the treatments we learned this weekend and the pt had 0 pain in her wrist when we were done even though we did no direct tx in her wrist. She was so excited (as was the pt). *:-h wave
Hi Guys,
Thank you again for the course this past week. I am already translating what I learned into practice.
Just today I got a patient with a referral for ulnar nerve issues. He did not have his NCV/EMG results with him, but I proceeded with the testing we learned in class. When I got the results later that day after writing my evaluation, I realized all the potential compression points I identified with the ULTT were exactly what the NCV/EMG said!
A. Sadasivaiah


This has been a WONDERFUL course, driven by brilliant minds. Thanks so much for your work and some amazing participants. This has been a great course with FANTASTIC questions and ideas and thoughts of the participants; I wanted to express my gratitude to them as well. S. Hammerich

Wonderful learning experience. Love the way you both explain things. Thanks. I did joint mobs on a stiff post DRF wrist, applied all the fine points I learned from you. I got 10 deg in 10 min and a happy patient! Thanks for the wonderful demos. J. Mehta
Loved being there today and looking forward to more. B. Kaur
Thank you Saba and Ashim for the excellent class. I was able to come back to the clinic and apply what you taught! Love that!. A. S. Christian

Part 1:
-I appreciated the functional/clinical examples used in the labs, helped to put theories in use.
– I really appreciated the thorough explanation of the physics $ foundational knowledge
– Great information, there was a lot so i hope i can apply it effectively
– Speaker was very knowledgeable and thorough with information
A. Vander
Part 2:
Thank you Charles!
I learned something new during both weekends. I particularly appreciated the clinical application of US, Laser adn Hivolt as these are modalities i use extensively and can use more effectively! There is a general lack of knowledge in the community about PAMs (Both OT and PTs) and a course like this one is a must. I will be recommending it to my colleagues.
Marianne G.
Very knowledgeable and able to address a wide range of questions. The labs were great. So helpful to practice and to feel the modalities on myself
Great to have so much equipment.


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