Mentorship Program

Dear UE Therapy Mentorship Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in our mentorship program. The program is 4 months in duration and is a very dynamic and provides a broad approach to the specialized UE rehabilitation program. During

Los Angeles

these months you will participate in clinical care, research, education and one Hands On course programs sponsored by Advanced Rehab Seminars. This is a demanding program and requires your time, dedication, and commitment to fulfill the requirements of this program.

The application process is very competitive and usually yields dozens of applicants for one position every 6 months. The selection process is performed through an application process, interviews, and recommendation letters.

Please complete the attached application form and send your curriculum vitae as well as a 200

word essay on your goals and why you want to be a part of our mentorship program. Send this information and 3 recommendation letters to at the address below along with your photograph. Email us with questions you may have at

The entire mentorship can be done in one of 2 places. One can pick to spend the entire 4 months in San Jose, California or Terre Haute, Indiana.

If you want a variety in your fellowship experience you can choose to spend 2 months in San Jose and 2 months in Terre Haute.

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Thank you again for your interest.

Ashim Bakshi – MHS, OTR, CHT | Saba Kamal – OTR, CHT

Learn by Doing

We started mentoring program to support therapists with their learning and growth initiatives in the field of Hand and Upper Extremity rehab. Our program provides the following traits:

  • It structures the mentoring program based upon your needs
  • Guide mentors and mentees throughout their experience
    Mills Peninsula, Redwood Cityto provide the most knowledge and experience to the therapist
  • We measure the program regularly and seek participants feedback
  • Improve continuously the underlying processes and resources

So what exactly do we do in the mentorship program?
The focus of the relationship in the mentorship program is on the person- teaching of specific career skills and procedures along with impacting the attitude and encouraging the professional passion to become a life-long learner and master in his or her own right. In other words, we offer ourselves as a resource for our protégé, act as a role model of desired clinical behavior, and share knowledge of all those things that make Hand and Upper Extremity Rehab a specialized profession.

Short Term Mentorship Program (4 Months)

Expose the clinician to new & state of the art concepts in the evaluation & treatment of patients with upper extremity problems. The applicant can be exposed to the treatment of shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand in 2 different facilities. Preferred option is focusing on Shoulder and Elbow: 8 weeks and the other focusing on the Elbow, wrist and hand: 8 weeks.

Program: The curriculum will include therapy treatment, physician office time (shadow) if feasible, surgery exposure, biomechanics lab and research exposure. (Applicant must have California and/or Indiana OT State License if they choose to do the fellowship at both locations, other wise only one license for the state chosen is needed ).

Regardless if you choose 1 or both location, in order to provide the most experience the offsite mentor will meet via Skype every week to provide the didactic part of the course and then the mentee presents every other week to both the instructors.
The material they present could be a literature review on a topic we give them, or a case study or study appraisal decide every 2 weeks by the mentors based on your progress.

The mentee may be required to present to a group of therapists to showcase their skills and highlight what they learnt at the end of the program. This may help them with acquiring hand therapy jobs.

Dates: Flexible schedule – actual schedule is dependent on program chairs & applicant.

Fees: Administration fees $2500 for the 16 weeks of mentorship

Certification: Applicants will receive a short term certificate applicable towards collection of hours for CHT

Deadline: For fellowship term from Jan 15th – May 15th, Deadline is Oct 25; and for term from Sept 15th – Dec 15th the deadline is July 25th

Rules and RegulationP1000925

  • Must be a graduate of an OT/ PT program and be a practicing therapist for at least 2 years.
  • Travel: Must be arranged and paid for by the applicant
  • Health Insurance: Must present proof of health insurance
  • CPR certification
  • Proof of professional liability
  •  IMG_5508Stay: Must be arranged and paid for by applicant, Advanced Rehab Seminars will provide assistance with finding accommodation
  • Must be currently licensed in the state of Indiana and/ or California at the time of the mentorship training to be able to perform Hands-On work if performing the rotation in both states. If not applicant must maintain the license of the state they chose to do their rotation. For applicant performing rotation at both locations they will be in Indiana for the for the first 8 weeks and then immediately follow up in California for the remainder of 8 weeks.
  • Books: Must have: Will provide a list once accepted

* The up to $5,000 AHTF Evelyn Mackin Traveling Hand Therapist Award is designed to fund a practicing occupational or physical therapist, who is a current member of the American Society of Hand Therapists or a Certified Hand Therapist, in traveling to various hand therapy facilities, in presenting on a specific domain of hand therapy, and in sharing the “pearls” of hand rehabilitation learned from the experience.
Through the Tri Alliance (American Society of Hand Therapists, American Hand Therapy Foundation, and Hand Therapy Certification Commission), the following Grants are available:

1. The up to $1,500 Mary Kasch Scholarship is sponsored by The Tri-Alliance in recognition of Mary C. Kasch, OTR, CHT, FAOTA. This award is to assist well-deserving occupational therapist or physical therapist to receive a financial scholarship to facilitate in the process of becoming a certified hand therapist.

All AHTF funded grants are contingent upon receipt of qualified applications. Acceptance is through a blinded peer review process.

The application deadline is February 28th each year for the AHTF grants.

Mary Kasch Scholarship deadline is March 1st.

  1. Hand Therapy Association of California provides grants for therapists who want to become a certified hand therapist and is interested in enrolling in a fellowship/ Mentorship program and is willing to dedicate their time towards the process. Must be an HTA-Ca member for the year. Grant amount $2000 available all year round

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